Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I have been using this now for about 3 weeks and feel that it's been long enough for me to have formed a fair opinion on it.

I have never used cleansing water or anything similar before so I can't compare it to others, however in terms of makeup removal it does what it says on the tin. I use a cotton pad to remove my makeup and with one side for my face and the other for my eyes I find I really don't have to use much liquid at all - I'm sure the bottle will last for ages! Once used there is no residue left on my face - it feels like I could have washed it with water, just with better effects! I have also not noticed any breakouts or reactions (my eyes are problem area) which is a great bonus as I find some removers are too harsh for my skin!

However I do find that some mascaras can be a little more stubborn - and as a person who uses waterproof mascara I often find that after using the water there is still some makeup around my eyes but this could be because I am wary of putting to much pressure/movement around my eyes because they are very sensitive. Other than this the only downside is the smell. Having no fragrance added definitely leaves a weird smell when the water is drying. It goes away soon enough but it is rather obvious for a few minutes. However for the price - a mere £4.99!!!- I don't really feel like I can complain too much!

Now I guess it is on to France to try some Bioderma!

Have any of you tried this remover? What do you think?

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mid-Month Montage: My Favourite Films

I find this is always an interesting question to ask when you are getting to know people as it can really define who a person is. There are those who adore the rom-coms, the sci-fi nerds, those who can never make their mind ups and those who can't watch a film if it doesn't include guns, war and blood! Me - I'm not sure where I stand - apart from my undeniable love for Harry Potter (I am not ashamed)- I don't really fit into any particular category, something which will become apparent in the following montage!

1. About Time - the classic cheesy pick. Can't have a film list without some romance!!
2. Leon - in the top 250 but most people have't heard it in my experience. It is so good!!
3. Dead Poet's Society - the first film I watched that I was too young to see. Recently rewatched it and  it still had an impact
4. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - who doesn't love a bit of Bill Nighy!!
5. Monsters Inc. - so much better than Monster University (I recently watched it and had completely forgotten about the Yeti part! )
6. Schindler's List - so much impact, worth a watch

So, there are the films that i deem worthy enough to be included in my favourite film list! I would recommend all of these films and you're in luck because there is one for pretty much every mood!!

I would love to know what yours are? Especially if there are any embarrassing ones!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The best of the glitters...

I am a nail polish-aholic! I mean, who doesn't like them right?! However, my 'problem' has reached new levels with my collection tipping the 100 scale - to try and limit the damage to my bank account I have decided to start loving the colours that have got lost in my collection - the ones that have been there a while or are not as 'fashionable' - and share them on my blog!

Some of my least used polishes are my glitter ones... they are sometimes more trouble that they are worth and if I do use them it is more than likely it will only be for a statement nail. Surprisingly I seem to have a fair few and there are some that now I have tried them again I really love!

(Deborah Lippman - Glitter in the Air, Ciate - fit for a queen, Rimmel - Ruby Crush, Nubar - Sky Sparkle, MAVALA - Ruby Dust)

Well here are my top picks at the moment - a very random bunch of glitter based polishes ranging from holographic to light top coat esque colours. Many of these are quite recent purchases in the grand scheme of things however a couple have been around for a good year or so.

My favourite and most loved glitter polishes are these two. I love the pale blue that is used as the base colour for the Deborah Lippmann one - it just shouts spring and sun! The glitter is made up of baby blue and pink hexagonal pieces of varying sizes and although it needs a fair few coats to be completely opaque the effect is gorgeous. I bought this polish in TK MAXX - and I highly recommend looking in the beauty section for great, and hugely reduced, beauty gems - I got a few other pieces which I mention is this post.
The other colour was included in my Ciate Advent Calendar and is the most perfect opaque silver holographic like polish I have ever seen - I have been looking for a gold one that is similar since I first tried this polish! I mainly use this for statement nails, usually pairing it with a pink or blue.

I love glitter a Christmas (is it too early to start talking about it again!?) and I remember buying the Rimmel Precious Stone polish especially for that very occasion. It contains lots of very small red glitter pieces mixed with chunkier silver ones and applies nearly opaque in one coat. I have worn it over a deep red polish before and loved the effect!
The Mavala polish is lots of fine glitter particles of varying colours, I can see red's, purples and blues all mixed up in there! It is extremely fine and needs about two coats - however it is a real pain to get off, as most glitter polishes are.
The Nubar polish is more of a top coat and would be great over white, although with a lot of coats it could become opaque. For me this polish is great because of the beautiful turquoise colour. It just reminds me of the summer!

Well there we are - my favourite glitter polishes at the moment! There are a lot more where they came from so if you would like to know what else I have on my polish shelve feel free to ask!

What are some of your favourite polishes? Especially now its Spring!!