Tuesday 18 March 2014

Mid-Month Montage: My Favourite Films

I find this is always an interesting question to ask when you are getting to know people as it can really define who a person is. There are those who adore the rom-coms, the sci-fi nerds, those who can never make their mind ups and those who can't watch a film if it doesn't include guns, war and blood! Me - I'm not sure where I stand - apart from my undeniable love for Harry Potter (I am not ashamed)- I don't really fit into any particular category, something which will become apparent in the following montage!

1. About Time - the classic cheesy pick. Can't have a film list without some romance!!
2. Leon - in the top 250 but most people have't heard it in my experience. It is so good!!
3. Dead Poet's Society - the first film I watched that I was too young to see. Recently rewatched it and  it still had an impact
4. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - who doesn't love a bit of Bill Nighy!!
5. Monsters Inc. - so much better than Monster University (I recently watched it and had completely forgotten about the Yeti part! )
6. Schindler's List - so much impact, worth a watch

So, there are the films that i deem worthy enough to be included in my favourite film list! I would recommend all of these films and you're in luck because there is one for pretty much every mood!!

I would love to know what yours are? Especially if there are any embarrassing ones!!

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