Tuesday 25 June 2013

Summer Goals #1...

It's now been a week since my exams have finished and it still hasn't dawned on me yet that I am free! (Maybe it's the constant anxiety of where I will end up come September!) With this summer giving me so much free time I have tried to set about doing productive and helpful things, for example I have volunteered at my local library to help with their summer reading challenge and I am also spending a week in London working with other volunteers on renovating a Cathedral.

But so far this is all I have planned - no holidays, no days out, nothing at all - and I am starting to feel a little lost and scared at the prospect of ending up cooped up inside all summer! So with the help of this blog I am going to set myself goals to achieve things this summer, whether it relates to health, weight, housework, money etc. I will then try to *fingers crossed* write a post every week (maybe fortnight) explaining what I have achieved/completed!

1) Exercise daily... even if it is only a little bit

2) Read as many books as possible

3) Eat healthily, cut out sugar as much as possible and NO MORE MEAL DEALS!

4) Do as much as I can around the house (the dishwasher always needs unloading!)

5) Make sure money gets saved...

Well there are going to be my 5 goals set for now.. I am sure I will be adding more specific ones as the summer continues... Hopefully by writing these down I will feel more obliged to stick to them!

Well that's it for now.. feel free to join in if you want - it is always nice to have a supportive community - and I will be back in a week to report on how it is all going!

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  1. Great idea :) Saving money will definitely be on my list too!