Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer Goals #3

Another month has gone already! .. Why is my summer disappearing so quickly? Since my last post I have managed to get away for a week on a family holiday and I have received my dreaded A level results! But more on that another day!

This month only consisted of 4 goals... as I drew a blank when trying to decide on a fifth!

1) Exercise more: Well having a pool in the hotel I stayed in really helped this and I was swimming lots! Swimming is something I have always loved and is my preferred form of exercise - it's a shame the pool near me is horrible!

2) Save money: I was fortunate enough to be able to move all of my waitressing pay this month into my savings account as I have been frugal recently and had enough left in my bank to last me the rest of the holidays *fingers crossed*

3) Spontaneity: I'm not sure what to write for this one. I have had a great month and therefore even though I am sure I have been spontaneous, it hasn't been at the fore front of my mind! 

4) Nails: These are looking longer than last month when they were trashed from extreme pot washing! (oh joy!) I am pleased with them at the moment and just need to get them shaped

I feel rather positive about all of those! (If I do say so myself). Although I do have some summer left I am going to leave this 'series' behind (Unless of course you would like to see more similar posts??) and replace it with a Uni related monthly update which I will be posting soon! 

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