Tuesday 23 July 2013

Summer Goals #2

A tad late (although I am thinking monthly is going to be a better schedule for these types of posts!), but with a busy week working at Henley Regatta and a few last minute trips to the sea-side I haven't had much time to think about set goals - and have enjoyed just being spontaneous! So.. with the bad but truthful excuses out of the way here is my feedback on my goal setting.

 1) Exercise daily : I have improved from complete lack of during exams with dog walks with friends and strolls down the beach but honestly I haven't kept to any strict routine - bad Milly

2) Read : I love reading and always have done. In the past 4 weeks I have completed a book - post to come - and have re-read Chamber of Secrets (my go-to down time/de-stress book. Nerdy, I know) I know this doesn't seem much but with whole week taken up by 15 hour shifts I am not that disappointed!

3) Healthy Eating : Well this one is complicated. I have given in and bought meal deals but only for good reasons when there was no way I could have made anything better. On the other hand when I have been making meals I have been cooking from scratch and have really enjoyed spending time eating food I have made myself. (If you want to hear any recipes I have been using then do say!)

4) Housework : Being home it is quite easy for this goal to be achieved, i've done what i can when it has been needed to - housework is boring so I won't go on about it anymore!

5) Saving : I have had a lot of random days out in the last 4 weeks so haven't saved as much as I would have hoped, however I have been working a lot more so most of my income next month will be going straight into saving. :) 

So, there we go.. not to bad although I know there is a lot that needs improving. Here's to next months goals!

1) Exercise more... (I think this one is going to be constant)

2) Save money ... (again another constant goal)

3) Be more spontaneous!

4) Grow my nails. This is a constant problem I have and with so much work I haven't been able to paint my nails and have lost incentive to care for them. I love them when they are a bit longer and want to get them back to that stage

5) I can't think of another goal at the moment so will possibly edit one in if I do think of one :) 

5 more(ish)... 1 more month. Lets see how it goes! 

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