Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A little chatter...

I am currently sat on a megabus (gold... I'll have you know!!) on my way back to Cardiff after spending a whole month at home for Easter. If any of you have ever experienced the delights of travelling with many other strangers along a motorway for three hours I'm sure you know what I am going through. 

Since I do not have internet capabilities or any of my photos I decided a nice chatty post would fit quite nicely, maybe with some hints of what to expect over the summer.

I am mid revision for my first year exams (I know, "why are you revising", "you're a first year you shouldn't be in the library" etc etc. But I might as well try and do well!!) which is why I have missed a few weeks of posting (sorry). However, as a form of procrastination I have been thinking about what my plans are for my blog. I hope that once I have finished exams I can up my weekly post count to at least 2, if not a sneaky 3 when I feel like it! I also want to improve my photography skills so look out for photo filled posts of what I have been up to!

Other than that I have a limited supply of post ideas but any suggestions would be great! Being a student I really should be focussing on budget post etc so nothing too extravagant!!

I hope all of you have had a great Easter and if you have exams coming up that they go ok!

Thank you for the support .. I have really loved watching my blog grow and seeing people commenting on my posts. If any of you have your own blogs feel free to leave your links below... I would love to give them a read!

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  1. i'll look forward to your future posts!

    from helen at

  2. Hope your journey was ok, i'll be accompanied by strangers too when I travel tomorrow ha! :)
    Good luck with your exams!

    Style Sunrise
    :) x

    1. Thanks. The journey wasn't too bad! Hope yours went ok!