Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Day Out #2... | Cocktails at 10 Feet Tall - Cardiff

With my first year of University coming to an end a lot of goodbyes for now have been occurring as all the friends I have made over the year depart back to their own little corners of the UK. On one of these occasions a few friends and I decided to start from the conventional 'going out' path and visit a local cocktail bar. It was nothing extravagant but I though I would share my experience with you all, just in case you ever find yourself in Cardiff!

10 Feet Tall is a small venue which claims to serve cocktails, tapas and music every night of the week. It's location is apart from the usual clubs and bars but it is still extremely central within the city centre. Inside it has two floors with an array of seating for those who are in for the long haul to those who are popping in for 1 (or 2..3..4) drinks!

Sounds pretty good so far ey?! The best thing though is the 2-4-1 or 2 for £10 daily offers on a select menu of cocktails! These range from the classics - Long Islands and Cosmo's - to the more individual - Zombie and Japanese Slipper (A sickly sweet watermelon concoction). Although the menu isn't limited to these. Away from the offers the bar staff can whip up cocktails such as the Singapore Sling (I would highly recommend this cherry flavoured Gin based drink), a Grape Smash and some signature cocktails.

We visited on a Thursday night so the bar wasn't packed but it was busy. The vibe was great, with a live DJ offering some classics (maybe due to the group of oldies dancing themselves into oblivion!), and loads of Uni students enjoying a night off during exam period. There is a club downstairs for those who fancy dancing the night away after a few drinks too!!

If you are ever around Cardiff and in need of a cocktail fix I would highly recommend giving 10 Feet Tall a try. It is reasonably prices but still offers a wide range of well made cocktails (and other alcoholic/non alcoholic beverages) in a venue with a greta atmosphere! 10/10!!


  1. This sounds lovely :) where exactly in Cardiff is it? xx

  2. It's near House of Fraser and the inside market. It really is great :)