Tuesday 10 June 2014

Reflections: 1st Year at Uni

It has definitely been a roller coaster this year! In the space of 10 months I have packed up my life, moved 100 miles away from my family, and settled in perfectly into a new city. It's had its ups and downs but there have been some amazing moments which won't be forgotten. As a memory for myself and a way to share my experience with those who are yet to journey into the world of Universities (or those who have left and want to live vicariously though me! ) I am going to journey back through the year with the help of photos and memories!

I moved in to my student house on the 20th September after managing to pack all my belongings into a rather small car along with 3 people! (It was a struggle!) I remember Freshers Week being a whirlwind of introductory lectures, student fairs and far to many nights out all whilst trying to get to know the people around you and put on a show so that they didn't think I was weird! (They know now after living with me for a year so it was a fruitful attempt!)

I have been studying Human Geography and have loved it. Some parts aren't what I expected them to be however the people I have met have made up for any of the small hiccups along the way. The work was manageable and being an organised person gave me a head start! I am so excited to see what will occur next year when I actually pick my modules myself!

Christmas came ever so quickly and coincided with my first every holiday abroad without my parents (or school)! I had an amazing week skiing with the Uni Snowsports Society and 3 amazing girls (2 of whom I'd never met before!). If you have the chance I would 100% recommend taking the plunge and booking a Uni ski holiday! It was a great experience and I hopefully will be able to make it again next year!!

The next milestone was a visit to Warwick with Cardiff Brass Band! ( I know, completely nerdy!) A small weekend break left us coming 5th nationally and two minibuses full of hungover students! It was an amazing time spent with some great people and I can't wait to go again next year!!

Since around February workloads increased but I managed to keep up with socialising! This year I was part of the Baking Society and the Harry Potter Society, along with Band, so I had many things to do during the week!

Now that it is all over I feel very excited about what is to come in the next couple of years and have started to think about life after Uni - I still have no idea what I actually want to do!!

If you read this far well done! I applaud you!!
Have any of you just finished your first year of uni? Or any other school year!?
I hope that once back in Cardiff I can do some more posts on the things I get up to!!

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